Signature Meals

Comes with a dinner roll and your choice of two appetizers, a salad, one vegetable and one side.

Served Plated or Buffet Style.

Prime Rib - 12oz. 
Slow roasted and hand carved to order.         $32.50 per person

Ribeye - 10oz. 
Well-marbled, juicy and savory.                      $30.50 per person

Ny Strip - 10oz. 
Ny Strip cut full of rich flavor.                          $26.50 per person

Tri-Tip - 10oz. 
Flavorful smoked tri-tip.                                  $24.50 per person

Apple Crusted Pork Chop                            $24.50 per person  
Center cut pork chops char grilled with apple slices. 

Traditional Meals

Comes with a dinner roll or bread sticks and your choice of two appetizers and a salad,

Served Plated or Buffet Style.

Baked Ziti & Meatballs                                  $18.50 per person 
Layered with mozerella cheese, and marinara or meat sauce. 

Grilled Chicken Breast Linguine                  $18.50 per person                                                           
Char grilled chicken seasoned with a blend of herbs and a coat of olive oil.            
Served over linguine noodles with a butter sauce or white sauce.     

Spaghetti & Meatballs                                    $18.50 per person 
Served with marinara or meat sauce. Add sausage for $2.50/person.

Chicken Marsela                                            $22.50 per person
With mozerella cheese, mushrooms and a delicious wine based marsela sauce. 
Comes with a side of noodles.

Chicken Parmesean                                      $22.50 per person
Breaded and topped with a tomato sauce, mozerella, parmesean, and 
provolone cheese. Comes with a side of noodles.

South of the Border
Comes with choice of one appetizer, rice and beans.

Nacho Bar                                                      $18.50 per person
Choice of two meats (ground beef, barbacoa beef, grilled chicken, grilled pork)

all toppings, burrito & taco tortillas, hard taco shells & tortilla chips.

Chicken & Steak Fajitas                                $18.50 per person 
Served with peppers and onions


Comes with choice of one appetizer, salad and one side

Baby Back Ribs & Chicken                           $20.50 per person
Fall off the bone ribs with an authentic smoke taste.          
Pulled Pork Sandwich                                   $18.50 per person
Apple wood smoked and pulled apart by hand for tenderness.

From the Sea

Comes with a dinner roll and your choice of two appetizers, a salad and one vegetable

Shirmp Scampi                                                $20.50 per person

Linguini noodles tossed in a garlic butter white wine sauce served with sauteed


Baked Salmon - 8oz.                                       $22.50 per person 

Char grilled salmon with a lemon garlic sauce

Beer Battered Halibut - 8oz.                            $24.50 per person

Crisp and crunchy halibut deep fried in a beer batter

Specialty Meals

Kids Meals                                                          $12.00 per person

Choice of chicken nuggets with macaroni & Cheese or cheese quesadillas                                                                      

Vegetarian/Vegan Meals                                    $18.50 per person 
Choice of vegetable linguini or penne with roasted aspargus

Breakfast Buffet                                                  $18.50 per person
Belgian waffles served with fresh fruit, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs,

western eggs, bacon & sausage


Dressings: Ranch, Italian, Caesar, Blue Cheese and Oil & Vinegar

Garden Salad

Caeser Salad

Pasta Salad


Jalapeno Poppers  

Medium or Hot Wings
Cheese Platter 

Vegetable Platter
Spinach Bites 

Ala Caprese 

Stuffed Mushrooms
Fruit Skewers 

Pepperoni Skewers
Chips & Salsa 

Cheese Quesadillas

Spring Rolls 

BBQ Mini Meatballs

Pot Stickers 
Shrimp Cocktail
($2.99 per person)

Coconut Shrimp (add 2.99/person)


Vegetable Blend

Kernel Corn

Baby Carrots

Green Beans w/ Onions




Macaroni & Cheese 
Loaded Macaroni & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Red Roasted Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes

Baked Beans
Refried Beans
Wild Grain Rice
Spanish Rice
Baked Potato
Sauteed Mushrooms
Grilled Onions